The brief, the scope and the dance

essay8 minutes

Frustrating, ugly websites that don't live up to their promise are the result of a misunderstood brief and a lack of real scope. How can makers and clients work together to ensure better solutions? By reframing brief and scope as communication tools for collaboratively dealing with project realities as they unfold. Continue reading

The instantaneous language of beauty

essay5 minutes

We use the pre-verbal language of asethetics to sense our environment before we can think. As much as we repel from danger, we're drawn to seamless, cohesive symmetry, which we find beautiful. We are naturally attuned to beauty because we know it represents a higher chance of holding worthwhile information. Continue reading

Designers should code

essay5 minutes

If you want to know how to make software that connects with and works for real people, there's no substitute for shaking hands with the invisible demons programmers wrestle with. Continue reading