Ward6 website


With offices in Sydney and Singapore, Ward6 is recognised as Asia Pacific’s leading independent health communications agency. I helped transfer this reputation online with a mobile-first website that was easy to use, very fast and a cinch to update and maintain.

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Poorly maintained content-managed websites cost significant time and effort to resurrect. To avoid this long-term expense, I researched CMS systems against a checklist of modern web development requirements, and settled on a JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs, & Markup) setup that gave us git-based content-management, flexible third-party integrations and easy local web development.

Callum’s broad understanding of web systems allowed us to choose better long-term decisions during our re-development. His diligence meant the final product really does represent what we had imagined. Jason Armstrong, Digital Director

The new Ward6 website allowed us to focus on repeatably presenting and distributing first-class campaign showcases, rather than wrestling with website technologies.

Completed in collaboration with Jason Armstrong, Andres Hernandez and Richard Price while working for Ward6.