Seamless web experiences that live up to their promises create audiences and grow business. What it looks like is your promise. How it works is the measure of it. I believe that the two primary factors for user interface excellence are design rooted in deep understanding of user intentions, and the ability to execute design in code. I address both by being a designer who codes: I design interfaces that live up to the brand promise, and I execute in code the stack of details that keep the promise.

Being able to code means design is no longer fanciful but rather a choice made with the knowledge of what it takes to build it. In turn, this also means greater scope understanding and better decision making, allowing higher rates of design iteration.

You can roughly break down the work I do into three parts:

  • Brand identity and graphic design
  • User interface design
  • Frontend web development


Since starting out in 2000, I’ve worked in London, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, for design studios, advertising agencies, startups and SMEs. Since 2015, my wife, our young family and I have lived in Cairns, Australia. Before teaching myself to code websites in 2010, my career highlight was working as a brand designer at Saatchi & Saatchi, London in 2006. I’ve also owned and run a few vinyl record labels in past years, so I know how to create products for a niche community.

Callum has great eye for detail, yet he also understand the “why” of things. His visual design work is top notch and understands the importance of using design as a tool to cater for user need. He immerses himself in his work, so he’s very easy to collaborate with. Brian Hur, founder of VetPronto (YCW15)


Based in Cairns, Australia, I currently work with local, interstate and international clients. I plug into product teams, agencies or work one-to-one with my clients. I enjoy travelling to meet in person.

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